Doors Open Wide

“What an amazing opportunity we have to be a part of Beulah Baptist Church’s facility and extend our ministry,” said Megan Coats, FCS preschool director. We praise the Lord for our preschool family and see it as the Lord’s opening the door to grow our Faith family not only in Ramseur, but now in Bennett.

Most importantly, the Lord continues to allow us to proclaim the Gospel and teach our students God’s way.  Mrs. Megan said, “We emphasize to our families that we are a family in Christ and a team to love and take care of their children.”

Our teachers lovingly care for and nurture each child while giving them instruction in the ways of the Lord. Mrs. Brooke, preschool teacher at Beulah Baptist, has emphasized the fruits of the Spirit to her children. Mrs. Megan said, “She has shown them what love looks like, how to have patience, and even how to be joyful.” She continued, “We are here to teach them academically, but we teach them how to be social with one another and how to play, show patience and self control in their emotions and reactions to one another. But above all, we are here to teach them that Jesus loves them.”

Our mission is to educate and train the students to love and know Christ from their first years. Mrs. Megan said, “We are called to Christian education so that these students have a firm foundation and know that Jesus loves them no matter what. Even at such a young age, the children are not too small to learn the love of Jesus.”

In addition, our parent feedback is greatly appreciated. One parent wrote, “Our son has really enjoyed preschool here at Beulah. He has learned so much, and we are so thankful he had the opportunity to attend. We are so glad our child has learned his letters and numbers. This has been an excellent opportunity, and we thank the school for what they stand for, for all the hard work put into the fragile minds. Everyone’s work does not go unnoticed.”

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