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Luke 2:52 declares that the Lord Jesus Christ "grew in STATURE."

The Bible is clear that God the Son took upon Himself a human body. The scriptures also teach that our bodies are formed in the very image of God and that one day, He will "change our bodies in a twinkling of an eye" to be like the very body of the risen Lord. In light of all this, the scriptures tell us that our bodies are the "temple of the Holy Spirit." All of this conveys the idea that our bodies are extremely important to God. Because of this, we believe that the conditioning and training of the body is very important. The students at FCS take physical education classes up through the ninth grade. From middle school to high school, a full schedule of athletic opportunities are available for the students. The students are taught that sports offers them an opportunity to gain and exercise CONTROL in the area of the PHYSICAL (controlling the ball), the PSYCHOLOGICAL (controlling the emotions), and the SPIRITUAL (controlling the attitudes and testimony). Since Jesus developed in the physical realm, all Christians should seek the same development.

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