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Friendly Competition 

s - 22 field day Field day is an exciting tradition for elementary school kids K-5 through Fifth Grade. This year's activities included races, water balloon tosses, bouncy houses and not to forget the Fifth Grade class getting pied in the face. While the blue team celebrated their victory on Field Day, it was a fantastic way for all the students to end their school year.  

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Achieving the Big and Little Things

s - 22 5k gradThe Kindergarten Class presented "Round Up at the FCS Corral" as they graduated in May. Mrs. Doris Carter emphasized their reading, math accomplishments and Scripture memorization in the program. She said, "They loved singing 'She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain,' and they memorized Psalm 23 well. I even received messages later of students who recited it in their churches. I like to instill in the students the importance of hiding God’s Word in their hearts.” 

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The Beulah School Grows

s - 22 beulah growthAfter our fourth year of partnership, Beulah Baptist Church will have a First Grade Class coming this fall. From 3k to First Grade, we will prayerfully continue as the Lord leads in hopes of developing an elementary school in Bennett. Please help us spread the word as we continue our commission to educate and train servant-leaders for the Kingdom of God!

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Programs that Teach

s - 22 care,dareEach school year the Second and Fifth Grades take part in an educational, awareness program offered by the local police department. While the Second Grade has C.A.R.E. classes, the Fifth Grade participates in D.A.R.E. Each were taught by police officers and had graduations at the end of their courses.

Second grade teacher Mrs. Barney said, “I think my class  learned how to protect themselves and be aware that there are people out there that will try to hurt them. But overall, this brought awareness to them.”   

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