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Established in 1968, FCS has been passionate about providing a Christ-centered, Bible-based quality Christian education.  What is happening in our culture today is widely believed to be the direct result of a progressive movement to remove Judeo-Christian values, and more specifically, Jesus Christ, from the educational experience of our young people.  In our government schools our children no longer hear how the founding fathers drew upon the principles of God's Word to establish the most free and blessed nation in all of history.  The truth is, Jesus is NOT allowed in the government school classroom, except in the hearts of the born again students and teachers who are in the classroom, but they are legally NOT allowed to share their faith.  All of this, by the way, has happened since the 1925 "Scopes Monkey Trial" when biology teacher John T. Scopes was found guilty and fined for teaching evolution in his classroom in Dayton, Tennessee.  Today, the reverse would be true.

It was these facts, and the the two Supreme Court cases (Engel v. Vitale - 1962 & Abington v. Schempp - 1963) that removed prayer and Bible reading from the government school classrooms that gave birth to the modern Christian day school movement.  Faith Christian School was one of the first of these Christian schools in North Carolina, opening its doors in 1968.

Since that time, the faculty and staff and sought to deliver a thorough quality education as well as teach and model a vibrant faith grounded in the Bible and dedicated to keeping Christ at the center of all classes and activities.



The pillars above represent the two foundational ideals upon which the education at Faith Christian School rests:  a “High-Academic Focus” and a “Christ-Centered Focus.”  Quite frankly, most schools would argue that they provide an excellent educational product.  This claim is easily made, yet somewhat difficult to verify.  Faith Christian School makes it a high priority to continually improve their educational experience.  Although thoroughly dedicated to traditional education, Faith Christian School values technology as complement to traditional education.  This marriage of the traditional, supportive by the technological helps deliver a very high quality college prep educational experience. 

Here are some of the features of Faith’s “High-Academic Focus:”

  • College Prep curriculum
  • Christian curriculum taught by dedicated born-again believers
  • Annual academic national testing for each grade
  • Saxon math program
  • Phonics based learning with cursive writing in the lower grades
  • Honors and Advanced Placement classes for upgrades
  • Dual Enrollment Courses for juniors and seniors through Colorado Christian University and Randolph Community College
  • Microsoft Office 365 subscription for all faculty and staff – FREE
  • Advanced courses in Physics, Calculus, Advanced Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy and Physiology
  • American Association of Christian Schools Honor Society
  • Music available for all grades
  • Speech and Drama
  • Traditionally strong interscholastic sports program
  • A very successful Future Farmers of America Program
  • Hands on training in Microsoft’s Office 2013 Suite: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.
  • Hands on training in the professional publishing software, InDesign – used in creating the school’s yearbook
  • SAT prep training and practice tests for the upper grades

As excellent as the academic program at Faith Christian School is, what makes Faith totally unique is the fact that every faculty and staff member at Faith shares the deepest conviction that all education should be centered around Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior of all men who will trust Him.  This Christ-centeredness is not a “tack on” to the education at Faith; it is the core and God’s Word is the centerpiece of all instruction. 

Here are some of the features of Faith’s “Christ-Centered Focus:”

  • Christian curriculum taught by dedicated born-again believers
  • Daily devotional time to start the school day
  • Prayer before classes and most events
  • Daily Bible classes
  • Weekly chapel – often with local pastors and visiting missionaries
  • An annual trip to the Wilds Christian Camp in Rosman, NC for the “Fall Spiritual Emphasis Week”
  • A weekly weeklong revival with Encounter Revival Ministries for the “Spring Spiritual Emphasis Week”
  • Annual Dominican Republic mission trip with Senior class
  • Missionary speakers
  • Community Service Program
  • Christ-centered sports program
  • Emphasis on Biblically-principled decision making

The two foundational pillars provide a strong program that will help ensure that your child(ren) will graduate with a strong faith and a godly character that will bring success in every future endeavor.  It is the mission of Faith Christian School to “educate and train servant-leaders for the Kingdom of God.

Please browse around our website, and if you have any questions, please email or call us and we will be glad to supply the answer.   Email: [email protected].    Phone:  336-824-4156.

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