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Financial Support

Faith Christian School is a non-profit, faith-based educational organization that operates under the incorporation of Faith Baptist Church. The annual budget for the school is about $900,000 per year, of which tuition covers about 66% of the cost. The remaining money for operation must come from fees, services (ie. lunch program), fundraisers, and donations. For the 2003-04 school year, donations and fundraising amounted to $110,000. As you can see, outside financial support is extremely important for the continued operation of Faith Christian School.  


BRIEF HISTORY OF FUNDRAISING AT FAITH – Since fundraising seems to be an essential element of education, FCS has sold everything imaginable: cookies, candy, sausage, cheese, wrapping paper, peanuts, magazines, pizza, etc. One day, while the students were running around the soccer field after having solicited sponsorships for each lap run, someone commented that instead of running the students could be serving others. And with that comment, the Community Service Program was born. The CSP accounts for up to 33% of the entire amount donation and fundraising money. It was decided that Faith would no longer conduct school-wide sales. Instead, once a year, the entire school would seek to secure sponsorships for 5 hours of community service for those in the community who have needs. Over thirteen years, the CSP has generated over $400,000 in revenue. Below you will find a brief summary all the donation and fundraising efforts associated with Faith Christian School: