Faith Baptist Church is an Independent, Conservative, Fundamental Baptist church.  Our purpose is to glorify God through our work.  Our vision is to help people develop the character of Christ through God's Word.  Our mission is provide God's children with a place to worship, serve, learn, fellowship and evangelize.

Why are we Independent?

While acknowledging that large denominations offer much greater material resources, the drawback of the denominational sturcture is the the loss of freedom to totally obey God's Word.  Over the past one hundred years, some of the larger denominations have voted to allow activities that are contrary to God's Word.  But because the majority at a conference approves the activity, the decision is forced upon local assemblies.  In an independent, congregational church, the individual church can make decisions on cultural issues as they arise. 

Why are we Baptist?

Our congregation believes that the historical "baptist distinctives" more perfectly line up with their personal convictions.  These distinctives include the beliefs that salvation is by grace through faith, apart from works:  the scriptures are authoritatively God's specific revelation and are without error; every born again believer is a priest who has direct access to God and His throne of grace; baptism by immersion as a symbol of a believer's identity in the actual death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ; the observance of the Lord's Supper, often called Communion, as a symbol of Christ's broken body and shed blood for the atonement of men's sins; a strong belief in the congregational form of government where the chosen leaders of the church submit governing issues to be approved by the eligible voting members of the church.